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Marion-Franklin is a comprehensive High School that attributes its academic success to "rigor, relevance, and relationship." We believe in creating and implementing educational plans for the individual. It is our goal to make sure that every child that enters the doors at Marion-Franklin High School is successful. Students and parents both are part of our distinguished learning community. Therefore, we set high expectations and believe each student is capable of the following:

  • College Preparatory Academemic Standards

  • High Level Thinking Skills

  • Development of Leadership Skills

  • In Control of Their Own Destiny

  • Becoming Proficient in the Use of Technology

  • Working as Part of a Team

  • Capable of Competing in a Global World

As with all Columbus Public High Schools, Marion Franklin utilizes an eight period day. Each period is fifty minutes of aligned curriculum and instruction.


Class of 2017

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Principal - Gregory Costello
(614) 365-5432  |   1265 Koebel Road Columbus, OH 43207
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